German Shorthaired Pointers
(Excerpted from The AKC Complete Dog Book)

The German Shorthaired Pointer combines in field-dog requirements those qualities which have long popularized the various breeds of hunting dogs. So successfully have keen scenting powers, linked with high intelligence, been fused into the breed through judicious crossing of the old
Spanish Pointer, English Foxhound, German tracking hound, and English Pointer, so varied this  dog's field accomplishments, that its adaptability has earned it the reputation of being an all purpose dog.

It is indeed rare to find wrapped up in one package a staunchly pointing bird dog, a keen-nosed night trailer, a proven duck dog, a natural retriever on land and water, pleasing conformation and markings, great powers of endurance and an intelligent family watchdog and companion. Indicative of this dog's versatility is its successful work on pheasant, quail, grouse, partridge, woodcock, duck, rabbit, coon, and possum. It is also used to trail and handle deer. With a water repellent coat and webbed feet, it retrieves well from rough terrain and icy waters.

This magnificent utility dog combines these virtues with good looks, sound temperament and longevity, making the German Shorthaired Pointer a favorite with sportsmen everywhere.

Breed Characteristics

The German Shorthaired Pointer is especially admired for its temperament and trainability. This breed makes an outstanding family companion, relating well to children, your friends who come to visit, and other dogs. The typical Shorthair is outgoing but not aggressive, although he certainly will let the world know when a stranger knocks on your door. He is anxious to please and responds well to consistent training both in the home and in the field where he shines as an upland game finder, stylish pointer, and retriever.

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